4/29/21 - Dr. Walton is no ordinary doctor. This gentleman spends quality time with me as a patient and listens to every question I have. He cares about what I have to say, whereas most doctors push you through so they can get to the next patient. Thank you Dr. Walton for being “that” doctor everyone wants to see.
11/4/20 - Dr. Donaldson found in 5 minutes what others have been missing for years. He is smart and listens and truly wants to help. Can’t say enough good about him.
9/27/20 - Dr. Taylor has been treating our family for over 20 years. He is so kind and always willing to go the extra mile to help us with anything we need. We just love Dr. Taylor!
9/15/20 - I trust Dr. Beckstead. He listens and asks questions. He has always helped me with any health problem I’ve had.
8/14/20 - Dr. Bott is one of the best medical doctors I have ever had. He always takes the time to listen to me and gets me the best treatment for what I need.
7/8/20 - Dr. Hogenson is one of the best doctors my mom has ever had.
3/11/20 - Kathryn was so kind and welcoming. I was very nervous and had many things I wanted to address to her about my health. She made me feel very comfortable and was a great listener. I was just there yesterday for my first visit and I have already recommended her to 3 friends.
3/4/20 - Emily Dunn is always helpful and sympathetic when you’re not feeling well! Thank you for always trying to make me feel better!
2/26/20 - This was the first time that I was seen by John Manwaring. It was a good experience. He had a very personable bedside manner and a good listening ear. He showed concern and a caring attitude towards my health.
2/19/20 - Dr David Beckstead is an approachable and friendly doctor. I’ve been seeing him for over 3 years now for allergy shots. They have really helped and highly recommend them. Thanks!
2/1/20 - Dr Bingham is so knowledgeable and caring. He was attentive and able to assist me immediately. I was so happy to find someone I felt so good about. We recently moved to the area so are obviously new to Canyon View Medicine. I have several issues that require a doctor’s care. It took me years to find just the right doctors before coming here and I was worried about the long process of finding just the right one. No worries now. Oh, and my husband likes him as well.
9/5/19 - “I love the staff. They are friendly and courteous with the people. And Dr. Takasaki is fantastic. I am glad i made the switch to Canyon View.”
9/5/19 - “First time I met John (Manwaring). He took the time to explain the treatment, answered my questions, and didn’t act like he was in a hurry. My appointment was concise but thorough. I’d definitely ask for John!!”
9/5/19 - “Dr Hogenson was great. He listened carefully, gave me his diagnosis, some treatment options, and then took care of the issue.”
9/4/19 - “Dr McDaniel is excellent. He spends lots of time explaining to me the disease process. He was kind and did his best to help me with all aspects of my life.”
9/4/19 - “Emily (Dunn) was so sweet and listened attentively. I really appreciated her!!!”
4/19/19 - “Everyone at Canyon View is awesome. I love going there for anything I need because I know they will take care of me no matter what the issue is.”
4/16/19 - “When I saw Kathryn for my appt I felt like I was reconnecting with a friend!!”
4/11/19 - “Dr. McBride it’s the best doctor I have ever gone to. He takes time to explain things and really cares about his patients.”
4/10/19 - “Anna Kirby did an amazing job at helping me feel comfortable. She made sure my questions were answered and told me what I should expect following my visit.”
4/9/19 - “I was so pleased with my visit. Dr. Penrod went above and beyond to listen to my concerns and provide appropriate help. What a great experience--and so helpful to me!”
1/22/19 - “Susan Mohlman is so caring. She made me very comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. She is very kind and gentle. I received excellent care from her.”
1/21/19 - “I trust Dr. Walton and have been thrilled with the care that he has provided me and my family! ”
1/21/19 - “Dr Butaud is a very concerned and caring doctor. He cares for my health as well as my needs. I trust him!!”
1/19/19 - “Thanks for being a great part of our community.”
1/18/19 - “First time going to this clinic. They were very friendly.”
11/7/18 - “Dr McBride is one of the best doctors we have ever had. He never dismisses any question or concern no matter how trivial it may seem. I always feel better after a visit with him. He is amazing. I have recommended him to friends and family alike.”
11/7/18 - “...Overall, my experience with Canyon View Medical in Spanish Fork has been spectacular and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for someone to go!”
11/6/18 - “Always enjoy my visits. Everyone us so friendly and helpful. Dr. Walton is a very kind man.”
10/24/18 - “I really like and trust Dr. Taylor and the staff are friendly, helpful, and professional.”
10/24/18 - “I like being treated as a person and not as a patient! Dr. Frandsen cares, listens, and advises. He is interested in what I say and answers all my questions thoroughly. He explains the “why” of things for me. He also has a sense of humor which makes him different and special from other doctors I’ve had. I trust him!”
8/8/18 - “I walked in, checked in and was helped in just a few minutes!”
8/8/18 - “Dr. Takasaki is a professional! He is knowledgeable but humble, and very thorough. The staff I dealt with were all very friendly and accommodating, also handling their responsibilities professionally.”
8/8/18 - “I like my Dr. a lot. He listens to me and understands what is going on.”
8/7/18 - “The doctor seemed happy to help me make proactive plan for my future healthcare. He’s absolutely genuinely kind!”
8/5/18 - “I appreciated the friendly staff. They made me feel at ease.”
6/11/18 – “I love the staff and Dr. BOTT ..always friendly and he always makes me feel better when I leave he always listens to my concerns and he has the best bed side manners.”
6/11/18 – “Dr. McLay and the other staff members were very friendly, respectful, and informative. My questions were answered directly and in a way that was easy to understand. I was very pleased with my visit and would highly recommend Dr. McLay and Canyon View Family Medicine.”
6/9/18 – “We came in on a Saturday, and almost literally walked right in. It was one of the quickest visits we've ever had at a doctor's. Everyone was friendly and kind.”
6/8/18 – “Seamless flow from reception to provider to lab to exit.”
6/8/18 – “Got the answers and the help.”
4/9/18 - “I have had a great experience with every provider I have spent time with at Canyon View. And Kathryn Morrill is just awesome.”
4/8/18 - “Dr. McBride is a caring and knowledgeable doctor. I would highly recommend him.”
4/6/18 - “Emily Dunn listens to my concerns about taking medications and addressed them with care and treated me like a person. The MA’s were quick and kept things professional with a new and slightly awkward topic for me. And the Front desk is always a happy face to see.”
4/4/18 - “I have been to many different doctors over the years at this same facility. This past winter, I made an appointment with Dr. Donaldson. Both the dr. and his nurse were great to listen to my concerns and Dr.Donaldson diagnosed my illness. Then at my follow up appointment they listened to my concerns and helped me make decisions about my treatments. Thank you!”
4/4/18 - “Dr Frandsen has been our family Dr. for many years. He is excellent and a good friend!”
4/3/18 - "I have been a long term and very loyal patient to Revere Health. My experience with Revere Health has been awesome. Now since my last two visits with Dr. Bott I have experienced a level of caring and expertise that has never been matched. Dr. Bott has shown me a new side to medicine and caring. I recently passed out and got a bad concussion. Dr. Bott’s time with me taught me how much he does really care. The medical assistant was also very good. She spent the perfect amount of time with me to obtain the information the Dr. Bott needed to diagnose my problem and help me understand how to resolve it. The bottom line is I now consider Dr Bott my new physician. I am leaving Revere Health and I will go to Canyon View Medical Group in Santaquin to Dr. Bott. Thank you for allowing me to become his newest patient."