Dr. Frandsen Teaches Medical Providers In Moldova


Dr. Frandsen Teaches Medical Providers In Moldova

Had the opportunity to join LDS Charities https://www.ldscharities.org/what-we-do/neonatal-resuscitation on a trip to Moldova to teach an Advanced Life Support of Obstetrics course, dealing with obstetrical emergencies, at the large level 3 hospital in Chisinau where we taught the Obstetrics Faculty who will now travel to the more rural level 1 and 2 hospitals and teach their fellow countrymen the same course with the equipment LDS Charities donated to them.  Wonderful people we worked with who have the same dedication to good maternal care that I witness every week in my own obstetrics practice.  Life is sacred no matter where you live.



Tracy Frandsen

Canyon View Family Medicine

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