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Understanding Diabetes

At the age of 11, my younger brother started to experience the three key symptoms of diabetes; excessive thirst, frequent urination, and extreme hunger. He was continually eating food and drinking water, but we thought he was going through a growth spurt. However, he was later admitted to Primary Children's…
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Utah COVID-19 Website Resources

Utah recently made changes to its Coronavirus website. You can learn more about those changes as well as other COVID-19 resources helpful in our community. On October 15th the state of Utah changed from the color-coded risk categorization to instead a data-driven transmission index: This new methodology is based on specific…
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In the 2000 film Cast Away, the character Chuck, played by Tom Hanks, rushed to board a FedEx plane on Christmas Eve for a business trip. He kissed his love, Kelly, after exchanging gifts and headed to work, saying, “I’ll be right back.” His plane crashes somewhere in the Pacific…
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